You may not be aware that the HSE’s approval of first aid qualifications for businesses has changed.

Employers now have a legal requirement to undertake due diligence on their chosen training provider and are now directly responsible for the quality and type of training they choose to undertake.

You now have two main options:

Option 1
Choose Awarding Body Regulated training governed by either Ofqual or SQA. Your training certificate will have an OFQUAL logo and you will receive a government backed qualification.If you choose this option, the HSE states that you do not have to use their checklist of legal responsibilities to satisfy yourself of the competency of your chosen training organisation; their OFQUAL registration is a guarantee that they have met the required standard to fulfil your legal responsibilities.

First Aid Cert Comparison

If you wish to choose this option, please make sure that the course you’re being quoted for is an Ofqual regulated qualification. Ofqual qualifications will always carry the Ofqual logo on the certificate. If the
certificate doesn’t contain the logo, it won’t be Ofqual regulated and won’t be exempt from requiring due diligence to be undertaken by your company.

Option 2
Choose training that is not awarding body regulated this training will not have the OFQUAL logo on the certificates you receive. It is then your legal responsibility to complete checks on the training organisation and their trainers yourself, as stated on the HSE website (see ‘Selecting a First-aid Training Provider’).
Click here for the HSE checklist of legal responsibilities.

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Make it easy – Insist on Ofqual! Ofqual is proof that your company has chosen the regulated route.


Regulated OFQUAL first aid courses are provided as standard by The Onsite First Aid Training Company and they are the only courses that we recommend.

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